Cryptocurrency Mining 隱密貨幣 挖礦

You may have heard about Cryptocurrency or Bitcoin mining on the news, through a friend, or even just on a random search. No matter how you heard about it, you may be asking yourself what exactly is it? Is it something that I could start doing at home? Is it even worth my time? This page will give you a better understanding of what cryptocurrency mining is, and even show you how to get started!

前陣子台灣新聞大肆報導比特幣、挖礦等新聞,生活中或多或少應該都有看過聽過,不過大多數人還是一頭霧水:這到底是什麼?好賺嗎? 以下會讓大家深入了解挖礦這門學問,並且帶領您開始一段礦工的奇幻之旅。

So, What Is It? 何為挖礦?

"Cryptocurrency mining is the process by which transactions are verified and added to the public ledger, known as the block chain, and the means through which new coins are released.  Anyone with access to the internet and suitable hardware can participate in mining.  The mining process involves compiling recent transactions into blocks and trying to solve a computationally difficult puzzle.  The participant who first solves the puzzle gets to place the next block on the block chain and claim the rewards.  The rewards, which incentivize mining, are both the transaction fees associated with the transactions compiled in the block as well as newly released coins."


Can I Mine with My Computer? 朕電腦 可挖乎?

Anyone can mine; the only limiting factor being the hardware which you wish to mine from. If you have a GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) or a compatable CPU (Central Processing Unit), and mining software which supports your GPU/CPU as well as the algorithm of the coin you are trying to mine then you should have no issues! Don't know what mining software or algorithms are? Don't worry, we will cover that shortly!


What Is Mining Software? 何為挖礦?

Mining software, are applications, usually command line, that allows users to connect to the block chain or pool, receive work, and use hardware to solve work given. There are two very popular choices when it comes to software, CCMiner for Nvidia GPU's, SGMiner for AMD GPU's, CPU-OPT Miner for CPU's. A quick search online will give you more information about these programs, though look carefully, there could be malicious content; for safety we recommend find the source code for the project before downloading.

挖礦軟體是一種應用程序,能讓用戶連接到區塊鏈或礦池,以便於讓礦工的挖礦設備接收工作並解決。N卡(GPU)的CCMiner, A卡(GPU)的SGMiner, CPU的CPU-OPT Miner都是目前幾種較流行的選擇。網路上可以搜尋到許多關於挖礦軟體的資訊,不過請大家一定要小心,網路上提供的挖礦軟體可能含有惡意內容,為了安全起見,我們建議在下載前找到該項目的源代碼。

What Is an Algorithm? 演算法為何?

An algorithm is defined as "a process or set of rules to be followed in calculations or other problem-solving operations, especially by a computer".  Cryptocurrencies miners use cryptographic algorithms such as SHA-2, Scrypt, and Equihash to generate hashes for the block chain. Each algorithm has positive and negatives for each given hardware setup, so researching your hardware prior to chosing a coin to mine, can make your venture much more profitable.

演算法(algorithm)"在數學(算學)和電腦科學之中,為任何良定義的具體計算步驟的一個序列,常用於計算、資料處理和自動推理".  精確而言,演算法是一個表示爲有限長列表的有效方法。演算法應包含清晰定義的指令用於計算函式。常見的數位貨幣演算法有SHA-2、Scrypt、Equihash,每一種演算法對硬體配置都有正反兩種效益,因此在選擇要挖什麼幣之前找出自己的設備適合哪種算法,這樣可以在挖礦的時候更有利可圖。

How Do I Start? 寡人想知道?

  • Well firstly, you need to pick a mining software which is compatable with your system. While I will not be providing links to any mining software, if you refer back to popular choices I mentioned above, a quick online search will show you the software needed.
  • 首先,陛下需要選擇一個與您的系統兼容的挖礦軟體,上面提到的熱門選擇可以幫助你快速找到適合陛下的軟體。
  • Pick a coin you wish to mine. Remember each coin has an algorithm which needs to be accounted for, as you will need to verify that your mining software supports it. There is a README file usually included with most mining software, and inside you can see each supported algorithm, as well as other useful options.
  • 選擇皇上想挖的幣。記住,每個幣都有不同的算法,皇上需要確認挖礦軟體是否支援。大多數挖礦軟體通常都有一個叫做「README」的文件檔,在裡面你可以看到支援的算法,以及其他有用的資訊。
  • After you decided which coin, you need to get a wallet. Each coin provides it's own wallet software which you can download from the coin's website or project repository. Download the wallet, open it, let it sync (this could take a while), once it's syncs, find your wallet address and hold it for the next step.
  • 在殿下決定好要挖哪種幣後,殿下會需要一個錢包。基本上每種幣都有自己的錢包軟體,可以在幣的官方網站或Github上找到。下載然後打開錢包,可以在收款位置的地方找到殿下的錢包地址,這時候就可以繼續下一步了,另外請記得開著錢包軟體讓它同步(需要一段時間)區塊鏈上的資料。
  • Inside of the folder of your mining software application, create a .bat or .cmd file. Edit the file and use our configuration generator on the Getting Started page to generate a personalized configuration, copy and paste the results into your file. Save it, and you should now be able to double click the file to start the miner. Good luck mining!
  • 在挖掘軟體的資料夾內,創建一個 .bat .cmd 文件。編輯文件並使用「入門」頁上的配置生成器生成自己的配置,將其復制貼上到文件中並保存。雙擊該文件你的挖礦之旅就開始啦!恭喜!

Having Trouble? 學而時習之,不亦說乎?

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